Label manufacturer
for customized batches
under aggressive deadlines

ZEPHYR is the specialist in custom-made self-adhesive labels. The industry is increasingly required to show higher levels of flexibility and customization in the labelling of their products in order to deliver batches with unique information, or in volumes considered low next to the usual deliveries. Ultimately, the first ones end up being critical, even blocking the normal flow of the daily basis activity.

Delivering those batches requires not only specific printing tools to generate the desired packaging, but also genuine specialists with wide technical knowledge and meanings as well as in-depth understanding of the ways of the client. Thus, Zephyr Label Factory puts at your disposal the required technical and human meanings to lead your projects safe and sound to their end.

Ecological products

Painting / Graphic arts

Jam / Confectionary

Bakery / Pastry

Campaigns / Special ocasions

Tinned / Seasoning / Spices

Pharmacy / Homeopathy


Take-Away / Cooked dishes

Home / Decoration

Snacks / Nuts

Tooling / Hardware