Label printers

Our market experience and past results allows us to select the best performing thermal transfer and color label printing models from the most reliable brands.

The proposed consumables, especially the wax ribon, wax/resin, and resin, require constant work to update the qualities available on the market, novelties, as well as price monitoring.

The accessories and labeling softwares in our portfolio will come improve and lean your production workflow. Contact us for a tailored support adapted to your project.

VP600: Color label printer

For its competitive price, the VP600 is particularly adapted to small volumes of production (10-15.000 labels/month). Never before flexibility had been so accessible!

VP650: Color label printer

Affordable price and resistance to water and humidity? Both concepts converge in the latest VP650 model, exclusively from VIP Color, for an unbeatable quality / price ratio in the market for color label printers.

VP700: Color label printer

Full color & high speed labels (9-18m/min). The VP700 is the best performing industrial color printer, for it allows total flexibility and reactivity of your labeling process, on demand and just-in-Time.

VP750: Color label printer

As a more advanced version of the VP700, the VP750 uses water resistant technology (combined with inkjet media), as well as to the cold chain of the food industry, always for indoor purposes.

Novexx 64-0X

The 64-0X thermal transfer series has been conceived for industrial flows, with 50-400 m/min, 300 dpi, and thanks to its “near edge” technology allows important savings in the ribbon consumption.

Zebra ZT400 series

The ZT400 range of solutions from Zebra allows large market possibilities, in production, transports, logistics, POS and much more. Available in 3 printing resolutions and 2 printing widths.

TSC TTP series

The TTP series from TSC mix result with affordability. Their solid conception, as well as their openness to diferent consumables are also appreciated.

Inkjet ink

Inkjet cartridges for VP700/750/600. Contact us to know more about other inket brands.

Thermal transfer ribbon

Wax, wax/resin, resin, in diferent formats and qualities. We guide you in your choice of the best performing ribbon according to your project.

Inkjet printhead

Printheads for VP700/750/600. Contact us to know more about other inket brands.

Thermal printhead

Thermal printheads from diferent brands. We guide you in your choice according to your current technology.

Label rewinder

Rewinders/unwinders for self-adhesive rolls of labels, developed to suit industrial applications. Constructed entirely in steel, they have a large base in order to provide a stable connection to the printer.

Label dispensers

Range of semi-automatic dispensers for self-adhesive rolls of labels. Designed for industrial environments, they are made entirely of steel, simple to use and versatile enough for all types of labels. Available in versions for label widths up to 100 mm or 200 mm.

Label counter

Counter for handling self-adhesive label rolls which can:

  • Rewind the labels clockwise or anti-clockwise and handle different roll core diameters
  • Count the labels, using incremental series or countdown

Semi-automatic labelling applier for cylindrical products

Semi-automatic labelling machine for the application of self-adhesive labels to cylindrical products. Available for a maximum label width of 200 mm. Large capacity of diameter of roll accepted: 300mm.


CODESOFT is an enterprise-level barcode label creation and integration software offering unmatched flexibility, power, and support. Available in print engine, standalone, and network configurations, CODESOFT is designed to meet all of your labeling needs.


NiceLabel label design software helps you quickly design labels and create an efficient printing process. Quickly produce professional labels without making investments in training and coding.

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