A kid's love story with stickers

Or the power of memory

I still remember how each new school year would start with my mom putting stickers on all my books with my name and class. Those are some of my earliest memories that really stand out to me.

Years later, I began a career in industrial labeling, and it suddenly clicked why labels are so crucial. They do more than just mark things; they speak for the product—conveying content, quality, and origin. It’s funny how my childhood experience with labels shaped my understanding of their significance in the professional world.

At Zephyr, we cherish the opportunity to share our passion for meaningful experiences with our customers. Creating lasting memories together is not just a privilege—it’s our most cherished purpose.

May a kid decades from now look back and fondly remember the stickers from our store today!


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Our warehouse is located in New Jersey, serving as the central hub for shipping our premium labels nationwide and globally. Delivery typically takes 2-3 days for the East Coast, 4-5 days for the West Coast, and 7-9 days for international destinations.

Our labels are made in Minnesota. Alongside product quality, local manufacturing offers benefits including quick replenishments and reduced CO2 emissions through efficient logistics.

We find inspiration in the Art Nouveau movement, which celebrates organic forms found in nature while steering clear of rigid, straight lines. We embrace vibrant and cheerful colors, and we especially enjoy using the ‘mosaic’ technique. This method involves creating an overall design from diverse smaller parts.